Breakout Sessions

Breakout session topics and speakers for 2019 are:

How To Pray The Mass”                                                                         Regis-LaSalle Theatre
Presented by Father Chris Podhajsky

How do we pray at Mass in an involved, deeper way? In this breakout presentation, Father Chris Podhajsky will give a meditation on the fuller meaning of Christ’s presence, it’s link to Divine Mercy, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and our role in the cosmic drama of the Divine Liturgy. 

“We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God”                   Band Room
Presented by Father Mark Murphy                                                                                  

From Saint Paul to Pope Francis, the Church has urged Christians to be reconciled to God. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is how we do this, but many do not take the opportunity to receive God’s mercy through this wonderful sacrament. What is it that keeps many from Reconciliation? How can we prepare for Reconciliation? And what happens during Reconciliation?

“God Makes All Things New”                                                                             Choir Room
Presented by Father Dave O’Conner

Pope Francis wrote an enlightening and practical exhortation to the world entitled “Rejoice and Be Glad.” He builds on the fact that we are all called to holiness, that is, our lives be renewed and transformed by God. Out with the old, false and sinful, and in with the new, the change that results from embracing God’s mercy and forgiveness through Jesus. Using what Pope Francis wrote, participants in the workshop will explore obstacles to holiness in daily life and the ways to live a holy life.

“Spirituality of Balance”                                                                                        Room 107
Presented by Father Jon Seda

In the Catholic imagination, truth is both/and instead of either/or. This talk will apply the both/and way of thinking to our daily lives as Catholic men. Perhaps it may help us understand and appreciate each other more as well.

“God has a plan. Do you?”                                                                                   Room 108
Presented by Deacon John Winkel

The most important step on your journey of faith in building a bond with God is a strong foundation. Learn ways to strengthen your relationship from an architectural designer’s perspective. Prepare to develop a plan for your future.

Humor in the Home”                                                                                               Room 109
Presented by Deacon Roger Polt

Laughter is often times the best medicine. This walk will discuss the anatomy of laughter and identify the five functions of humor. It will explore the benefits of humor and what laughter can do for you personally, for your health and for your family. The goal is to bring out a bit of humor in your life.

“Super-size Your Marriage: Your Vehicle to Holiness”                                  Room 110
Presented by Deacon Stan Upah

This talk is designed for all marriages to make a great marriage greater or to heal a struggling marriage. It is focused on how a sacramental marriage is a specific path to holiness while using specific examples and sharing successful tools to enrich a couple’s marriage.

“Relationship between Science and Christianity”
                                             Library Presented by Dr. Phil Drey

Does science and religion conflict with or complement each other? What is the relationship between Christianity and science? These questions are prevalent in our society and the answers are often misunderstood. This session will discuss the connection between science and religion and how to answer these questions.

Fear is the Roadblock to Discernment”                                                               Room 207
Presented by Father Jacob Rouse

In order to live the happiest life possible, we need to align everything to God’s will. But the enemy uses fear to keep us from that joyful union. In this session, Father Jacob will discuss his call to the priesthood and how fear and love played a part in that discernment.

Lunch Rotation Breakout:

“What’s a Man to Do? – The Current State of Family”                     Regis-LaSalle Theatre
Presented by Brian Topping

Families have enough challenges “just getting by” these days. Add the pressures and messages from secular society and “just getting by” can feel like a losing battle. The good news is that God doesn’t want our families just to get by. He wants them to be a place where each one of us can become saints and can experience a foretaste of paradise! Men have a critical role to play in this. This session will summarize the state of families within society and Church and talk about the great hope that rests in how men can help turn the tide.